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No one can ever be the same human twice.

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So, what’s After Mind about?

Strong AI vs Weak AI - Natural Human Exploration - Artificial Intelligence Psychology

Artificial Intelligence. Robots. Space. Bio-engineering. And adventure. However, none of these mean anything without true-to-life characters who have real human stories…

After Mind crosses incredible technology with intense human emotions in the near-future story of Cessini Madden, a boy who is deathly allergic to water and who must rediscover his identity after he’s brought back to life by an artificial intelligence breakthrough.

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Or, for a taste of our future now, I wrote a blog post: Should we anthropomorphize an AI who wants to kill us all? for SingularityWeblog. The answer hits right at our basic instincts, and I introduce Evolvers and Seeders. You can even catch a 1-hour podcast interview I was privileged to be a part of with Socrates [aka Nikola Danaylov]. We talk about science fiction, life extension, the personal stories that shape who we are, and my concept of an Enhanced Inversion Test for AI.

Or, check out one of my latest posts here: Posthuman Dreams: 37 Inventions of our After Mind World.

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