AFTER MIND – A Visionary Sci-Fi Adventure of AI and Human Dreams

After Mind - Visionary sci-fi journey into artificial intelligence and robot dreams


No one can ever be the same human twice.

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“An Artificial Intelligence must discover his identity in order to protect the world from an insidious threat.”

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IndieReader Approved - 5 STARS - TOP BOOK PICK - AFTER MIND5-STARS—TOP BOOK PICK— “AFTER MIND is a stunning, reality-bending sci-fi adventure. An Artificial Intelligence must discover his identity in order to protect the world from an insidious threat. Wolf is an excellent sci-fi writer, masterfully balancing the complex layers of setting and character at work in the novel – interiority and exteriority, past and present, vision and reality. He does not bother to hold the reader’s hand: the story starts at a sprint and rarely pauses to offer explanation. There are sufficient clues dropped along the way for the reader to pick the trail up quickly, and the world is presented with enough confidence that the audience never feels as though they are not in able hands. Wolf is particularly skilled at describing technology, finding the inherent vitality and bringing it to the forefront of the image… Despite the fact that so much of this landscape is alien, the story is surprisingly relatable and relevant to modern life. The plot is complex, original, and impossible to predict; everything about the story feels untrodden and immediate.IndieReader

5-STARS—A book where the characters struggle and are utterly, utterly human. The story does something very clever. This is a story of how a family deals with the loss and potential rebirth of a lost member… as told through his eyes. … It may be one of the oldest questions in Science Fiction, what is a human? What does it mean to be human? How much can we remove and still be called human? Like Theseus’ ship, how much can you replace, even with identical parts, and still have the same ship? AFTER MIND does not attempt to answer these questions, but rather, leaves the reader to wonder and explore. We are both fascinated and repelled by the idea, much like Cessini and the oceans he dreams of.“—San Francisco Book Review

Readers' favorite 5-Stars - After Mind5-STARS—Spencer Wolf has created an accomplished, sensational novel that Isaac Asimov would be proud of. What begins as an interesting conceptual take on artificial intelligence quickly transforms into a heartrending journey. Packet is an endearing hero whom all sci-fi fans will relate to, and his fascinating psychological and technological journey is nothing short of a science fiction masterpiece. The concepts are big and exciting with plenty of incredible ideas. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates thought-provoking science fiction.”—K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“A much needed relief from tales of massive main frames with missiles under their control or super human robots pissed off at their makers. There is a lot of talk in the media and among intellectuals about how close we are to the “Singularity.” Some people are frightened by Artificial Intelligence. Some people look for AI to save us from ourselves. The way Spencer Wolf looks at this coming breakthrough, for better or worse, these beings will be our children. After Mind shows us what kind of fathers and mothers we should strive to become to this brave new generation. After Mind is as much about love and family as it is about technology. A great book.“—Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

A rewarding tesseract of a novel that doesn’t release its secrets easily.—Kirkus Reviews

Dear Reader,

I have a different perspective on sci-fi. Computers don’t read books written by other computers, at least not yet the way people read for pleasure or escape. I think of sci-fi in terms of characters first and how they fit into their world. All the technology on this planet, or others, no matter how spectacularly envisioned, can’t save a written story if there aren’t real, relatable characters who leap from the page.

After Mind - Title ImageSo what is After Mind about? It’s more than near-future gizmos or life-changing AI breakthroughs. It’s an original story told from the unique perspective of a human mind simulated inside a computer. It’s intrusive. We’ll dive into the mind of a developing AI child. It’s sci-fi. It’s a puzzle of life.

After Mind is also story about the incredible next generation of us.

Science fiction is as limitless as the multi-verse and the broadest reaches of our minds, but in the end, it all must come back to the words on the page, the letters read by a human, and a point best felt by those with a heart.

I wrote After Mind to be just such a book.

I hope you enjoy it.


AFTER MIND is hard science fiction softened by real emotion, true to life characters, and a bold, dynamic plot… all told from the perspective of a adventurous young child who’s come back to life.

What is it about?

Cessini Madden lives with an extremely rare medical condition… then his physical life ends before he reaches age thirteen.

After an Artificial Intelligence breakthrough, Cessini is reborn as a young AI child named Packet. Scared and living alone in a technology center, Packet recognizes nothing from his past, save for one thing: he is deathly allergic to water.

When a mysterious doctor gives him a chance to recover his memories, Packet must face the tormented boy he once was. He must be the courageous lost son his family remembers and loves. But now as his world collapses around him, his greatest challenge remains … even a child’s best memories are made to be changed.

Real or AI, no one can ever be the same human twice.

From the near-future suburbs to the lush Australian forests, from the depths of the oceans to the promise of space, Packet’s urgent struggle for existence grabs hold in everyday victories and extraordinary dreams. After Mind tells a story about the underlying nature of humanity, the impact of undying devotion, and the incredible next generation of us.

No one can ever be the same human twice.

After Mind - Full Cover - Visionary Sci-Fi Adventure of Human-A.I. and Robot Dreams

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Powerful and amazing… exquisite writing, imagination, and meticulous research. Spellbinding science and technology, carried forward by a powerful story and believable characters who make you care, laugh, worry, cry and cheer.”—Harriet, Amazon reader

“‘Technology doesn’t kill the imagination of children. It lets it fly’ … A fascinating psychological and technological journey … What makes us human? Our flesh? Our emotions? Our mind? Or, could it be the influence of imagination that sets us apart as a species?”—Readers’ Favorite

AFTER MIND was like no book I have ever read. The story of a boy named Packet was so unique. Wolf’s detailed writing brought the vivid characters to life. As a former non-science fiction reader, I can say my mind is now changed.”—Allie, Amazon reader

An intoxicating read, a story of possibilities, suspense and adventure.”—Dana, Amazon reader

Wolf took a boy with a rare disease, put his brain in a box, scrambled it all up into bits… and you watch what comes out as the boy resurrects it. Excellent story, excellent characters who are flawed, loving, hateful, guilty, evil, loyal—human, in other words—in breathtaking settings in Australia and inner space.” -Dorrie, Amazon reader

I was amazed at the way Wolf captured the art of understanding life through the eyes of a child as much as through the ‘memories’ of an artificially intelligent being. The combination of sci-fi, psychology, engineering and drama was perfectly pulled together with characters that leave you rooting for a happy ending.”—Lisa, Amazon reader

Stunning imagery. Beautiful and satisfying. I really liked the relationships between the characters… It combines robots, memory alteration, and A.I. with relatable character struggles related to illness, growing up, family, and finding / understanding oneself.”—Lucy, Amazon reader

Heart-wrenching. I was sad for Cessini. I loved the connection he had with Meg.”—Daphne, Goodreads reader

Gripping sci fi… The ethical dilemmas surrounding technology are also underlying this novel. Not only does it pose major questions of ethics and humanity, but it also delves into family relationships and dynamics. After Mind has something for everyone.”—Tiffany, Goodreads reader

Simply a fantastic read.“—JM, Amazon reader

Author: Spencer Wolf

Publisher: BentStrong Books

ISBN: 978-0-986-21751-7  (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-986-21750-0  (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-0-986-21752-4 / ASIN: B00SXUQA8U  (eBook)